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Israel Seizes Oxygen Machines Headed for Gaza

In Gaza, Human Rights, Israel, Mideast Peace, News, Politics on June 27, 2010 at 4:53 pm

No matter how Israel spins their big “concession” about allowing more goods into Gaza, so long as they continue to play these games, most of the international community isn’t going to be fooled:

Seven machines donated by Norwegian agency confiscated en route to PA over chance generators attached could be used for purposes other than medical treatment, Ma’an reports.
By Haaretz Service Tags: Israel news Gaza West Bank PA

Israel confiscated seven oxygen machines en route to hospitals in the West Bank and Gaza based on the claim that there was a chance the generators attached to the machines would not be used for medical purposes, Palestinian news agency Ma’an reported Saturday.

According to Ma’an, the Ramallah-based health ministry said that the generators, which were donated to the Palestinian Authority by a Norwegian development agency, were seized by Israeli officials despite the fact that only one machine was bound for Gaza.

The generators “came under the category of possible use for non-medical purposes” if they were delivered to southern Gaza, the Palestinian health ministry said in a statement, adding that the six other machines were bound for government hospitals in the northern Gaza, inducing the European Hospital in Gaza City, the Rafdieyah hospital in Nablus, and other facilities in Ramallah and Hebron.


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  1. yeah, the generators might be used to power houshold apliances, since there is no electricity in gaza, exept for in israeli setelments.
    The real reason these machines to be confiscated, is be cause they might be used to save palestinian lives. is there any plot more sinister? Isreal is so full of shit.
    and building suplies are considered weapons of mass destruction.
    Isreaal needs to get real.
    Freakin terrorist state.

    • This is what they will continue to do even if they lift some of the blockade. They have essentially had to admit (after leaked documents and court orders) that the blockade is primarily to punish all Palestinians, never mind that’s illegal under international law, but the US media continues to push the idea it’s all about security.

      At this rates they won’t allow toothpicks in because someone might make a slingshot to shoot stones at Israeli tanks.

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